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Free Colouring Page! Evening (1921) by Walter J. Phillips

For my second edition of Colouring the Collection for The Muse, I created this illustration of Evening (1921) by Walter J. Phillips.

This piece feels reminiscent of a mid-summer evening, when the sun sets late in the day letting us bask in its warmth. Another beautiful and uniquely Lake of the Woods scene.

I know many of us are feeling a great deal of stress, and maybe even finding our mental and physical illnesses are acting up as a result. I personally find art to be quite meditative, and colouring to be an activity any age or skill-level can enjoy equally.

I would love to see what you create, so please share by tagging @themusekenora and @shelbydawnsmith on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Stay home, stay safe, and make some art!

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